A Wisconsin Family’s Lyme Journey

A Wisconsin Family’s Lyme Journey

Grafton Public Library, Wednesday, May 22, Noon-1 pm

Laurel Kashinn, a local writer and mother, seeks to share her and her family’s experience with Lyme disease following their daughter’s successful treatment.

She includes in her presentation:

+ Facts about ticks and the many diseases they can carry

+ Things she wishes she’d known sooner

+ Finding peace in the war zone over Lyme disease; how not to become a casualty

+ Resources and natural solutions: how to connect with wellbeing and stay healthy

After navigating the healthcare system, doing extensive research, and helping her daughter who was so sick she was bedridden and had to be homeschooled for 8th grade, Kashinn has become a wellness advocate and seeks to share what she has learned. Hers is a message of hope and empowerment.