Career Cruising

Career Cruising

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Careers –Search hundreds of occupation profiles and learn more about what each career is like. You can also find career cluster information, industry data, military profiles, and the Career Selector in this section.

Education – Discover more about your post-secondary education and training options here. Access school profiles, the School Selector, the Compare Schools tool, and the College Planning timeline.

Financial Aid – Search private financial aid programs across the US for those that suit you. Use the Financial Aid Selector to find scholarships that you qualify for, or read more about Federal Financial Aid programs.

Employment – Prepare to join the workforce with information and advice to help you strengthen your job search and resume-building skills, and a Job Search tool to help you find employment.

What Do You Want To Do? Menu – Not sure what to do first? Use this menu to explore Career Cruising’s many features and tools.

Focus on Careers – A collection of links to occupation profiles that correspond to a particular interest, characteristic, activity, or field of work. Click the Show Me Another button to view more.

Help – Takes you to the Help section, which contains a user’s guide, prepared classroom activities, technical support information, and more.

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