Edible Book Festival

Edible Book Festival

Monday, September 17, from 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Come see what crazy and amazing creations your friends and neighbors come up with.  Contest is open to All Ages!

What is an Edible Book?

An edible book is an item that looks like a book, puns on a title, refers to a character, or just has something to do with books. The only rule is that entries must be made from edible ingredients. Edible Book Festivals have been held all over the world, and there is array of examples found online. The festival started as a celebration to commemorate the birthday of French gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826).


Contest Guidelines:

Each entry must arrive with an index card with the name of the entry and the names of each participant.

All entries must be original and made of edible materials. Entries can be made of cake, cookies, fruit, vegetables, crackers, or other edibles.

Each entry should be a reflection, representation or interpretation of something book-related – shaped like a book or inspired by the content of a book (i.e. characters, titles, scenes, story-lines, or text).

Entries must not need any additional care, such as refrigeration, during the festival.

Entries must arrive at Grafton Public Library between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM on the night of the festival and all dishes and other items must be picked at the end of the festival (if the contestant wants the creation back).

By entering this contest, the creator of the edible book is giving the library permission to photograph and publish information on the creation library’s web site, ect.


How do I participate?

The Edible Book Festival is open to anyone: the young, the old, and everyone in between. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Best in Show

Best Engineering

Most Creative Use of Ingredients


How do I register my entry?

Stop by the library to pick up a registration form, or register online (look under adult programs)


What can I make as an entry for the festival?

Need some inspiration for an entry? Make your very own edible book depicting your favorite book character. You can also take a cherished title and turn it into a pun (think “Much Ado About Muffins”). Or just make an entry that looks like a book or book cover. Still in need of inspiration? Search the web for “edible book festival.” Stop by the library and we’ll point you in the right direction.

But I’m not creative, can I still participate?

Absolutely! On September 17th from 6:00-7:30pm, entries will be displayed for all to see. Stop by and you will have the opportunity to pick your favorites in each category. Winners will be announced at 7:30pm. Prizes will be awarded for 1st place in each category (staff members will judge the entries).  Good luck!!

Cupcakes will be provided

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