March Madness 2019

Just like the traditional March Madness Tournament, books will compete in “games” against each other to determine who will move on in the tournament. We will start with a round of 32 books and voting will commence for one week for each round until we reach the championship game. You do not need to have read every book to participate. Look up summaries or reviews and decide which book would “win” in its match-up. You choose the criteria! In the end, there will be one “champion” book on April 6! For each round that you vote in, you will get one entry into a drawing for a grand prize!

Round 3 [The Elite 8] (March 16-22)
Round 4 [The Final Four] (March 23-29)
Round 5 [The Championship Game] (March 30-April 5)

Adult March Madness 2019

And the Winner is…..The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Round 5 (March 30-April 5) Voting

Kids March Madness 2019R

Round 5 (March 5 – April 5) Voting