For questions regarding the library’s policies, please call  262-375-5315.

Children in the Library

Children aged seven (7) or under, or children with special emotional and physical needs must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver assigned by the parent who must remain with the child at all times. Click here for our detailed policy.

Patron Conduct Policy

The purpose of the library’s rules for patron conduct are to protect the rights of individuals who are in the library, to protect the rights of staff members to conduct library business without interference, and to preserve library materials and facilities. These rules help ensure that a safe and enjoyable atmosphere is offered to everyone in the library.

The following behaviors and activities are examples of conduct prohibited in library:
All illegal activities
Committing an assault, or an assault and battery upon any person
Committing the offense larceny by taking any property not his/her own
Destroying, damaging, defacing, or removing any property not his/her own
Engaging in any indecent or obscene conduct or making any indecent exposure of his/her person
Boisterous behavior, fighting, running, and foul or abusive language
Harassing any other person
Using, giving away or selling any controlled substance
Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This does not apply to a person whose faculties have been impaired by medication prescribed by a physician and taken as directed.
Remaining in the building after its regular closing hours after being told to leave by a library staff person
Possessing firearms or other dangerous weapons, with the exception of those carried by authorized law enforcement agents
Entering without shoes or shirt and any other manner of dress resulting in indecent exposure
Loud conversations in person or on cell phones, and loud and disruptive ring tones or audible noises from a cell phone or other electronics that disturbs library patrons
Drinking is limited to covered beverage containers only. Eating is limited to brief, contained snacks that are immediately cleaned up by the user. Eating is also allowed in staff areas and for groups reserving the meeting rooms
Consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages in the library building or on the library grounds
Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes
Creating an offensive atmosphere from poor hygiene
Use of bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. Bicycles are not to be brought into the library
Bringing in animals, except for certified service animals and for public programs after prior authorization by the library staff
Campaigning, petitioning, interviewing, survey taking, solicitation or sales, or other speech or conduct, which results in the disruption of library activities. Exceptions may be made when such activity is undertaken for the library benefit.
Taking photos or video without the subject’s consent
The presence of library users in library offices and other non-library areas, unless accompanied by a library staff member
Using tables or chairs beyond their intended capacity, and moving furniture
Sleeping, if it interferes with the use or enjoyment of the library by others
Loitering or impeding passage inside or outside the library
Violating any other established policies, including the Meeting Room policy, the Children in the Library policy, and the Internet policy.

Anyone who disregards the above-listed prohibited behaviors or engages in any other conduct deemed inappropriate by library staff is subject to removal from library property and/or restriction of library privileges. Violations of the U.S.S. Liberty Memorial Public Library Rules and Regulations for Patron Conduct may also result in a formal banning from the Library and/or criminal prosecution.

Approved by the Grafton Joint Library Board, June 28, 2021


Items that are not returned after the due date are fined at these rates:
Books and Audiobooks – 10 cents/day
Music CDs – 10 cents/day
VHS Tapes and DVDs – 25 cents/day
Magazines – 10 cents/day
Interlibrary Loan Books – 50 cents/day
Click here to renew an item. Items can be renewed up to two times as long as there are no other patrons waiting for the item. If your item is already overdue, please contact the library for assistance at 262-375-5315.[/expand]

Loan Periods/Limits

Loan periods vary from library to library.
The U.S.S. Liberty Memorial Public Library’s loan periods are as follows:
Books and Audiobooks (There is a limit of 15 CD Books per card at one time)- 28 days
Music CDs – 14 days
VHS Tapes and DVDs (There is a limit of 15 DVDs per card) – 7 days
Magazines (Current editions of adult magazines are non-circulating)- 14 days
New Adult Fiction Books and Audiobooks – 14 days
Lucky Day Books (There is a limit of 2 Lucky Day Books per card) – 14 days
Lucky Day DVDs (There is a limit of 2 Lucky Day DVDs per card) – 7 days
Lucky Day Books and DVDs cannot be renewed or placed on hold.
Most items can be renewed two times as long as the item is not requested by another patron. Click here to renew an item. If your item is already overdue please call the library for assistance at 262-375-5315.[/expand]

Meeting Room

The library provides meeting rooms for informational, civic, educational, and professional needs. There are two rooms available. The Lower Level Meeting Room has room for 12 people and is the default booking. The Upper Level Meeting Room has room for 8 people. (These limits are due to the Pandemic and will revert to 35 and 15 respectively at a future date)  The meeting room must be book at least 2 days in adance.  Stop by the Adult Checkout Desk or call the library at 262-375-5315 to check for availability.
Please read our Meeting Room Policy before booking. (Click here).[/expand]

We have a new system that allows you to reserve our Meeting Room for nonprofit and for-profit groups. As a reminder, we reserve the right to accept or decline the request for meeting room usage. Your reservation will not automatically be held when you fill out this form; the library will contact you to confirm your reservation. The library’s needs for holding programs in the meeting room also takes precedence over outside requests. You may also reserve the meeting room by calling the library at (262) 375-5315 and choosing option 2 to speak with our reference librarian, Karl.

If you need a private space for 1-3 people, you may use one of our two private study rooms, which are available on a first come/first served basis.  We ask that you sign in on a sheet at the circulation desk before using the room.

To reserve our meeting room, please click HERE

Public Computers

The library offers several computers for public use. Each computer has:

  • Microsoft Excel
    • ​Spreadsheet Software
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • ​Presentation Software
  • Microsoft Publisher
    • Create and publish documents, flyers, brochures, cards, etc.
  • Microsoft Word
    • ​Word Processing Software
  • Paint
    • Computer graphics program that allows you to edit photos, graphics, and create graphics
  • Adobe Reader
    • Reads PDF documents. DOES NOT edit them
  • VLC Media Player
    • Audio and Video player
  • Calculator
  • Notepad
    • Basic word processing, can also be used to edit html and xml.
  • Snipping Tool
    • Screen capture tool.

A computer operated reservation system is used to sign into the computers in the Adult library. Please bring your library card to sign in. If you are not a resident of Dodge, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, or Washington Counties, please bring a photo I.D. and we will issue you a guest pass.
In the Children’s library, users need to sign in at the Youth Checkout Desk. Users under the age of 10 must be directly supervised by an adult.
To view the library’s Internet policy, click here.
WiFi is available throughout the library.