Discovery Packs of Learning & Ready-to-Go Learning Packs

Discovery Packs of Learning & Ready-to-Go Learning Packs

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Discovery Packs of Learning kits are comprehensive collections of books, education materials, and media based on popular themes for preschool, primary, and intermediate students.  Each kit circulates in a sturdy mesh backpack.  Activity guides offer family activities, trivia questions, and additional resources.

Ready-to-Go Learning Packs feature a simple activity stored in a sturdy nylon pack.  Sort the individual cards into the clear-view pockets.  Each pack includes 64-80 cards with a pocket on front to keep the cards neatly stored.

Information regarding the Discovery Packs/Ready-to-Go Packs :

  • Circulate for 2 weeks.
  • There is a limit of 2 packs per family at any one time.
  • Fines are .50 cents per day.
  • Packs must be returned at the U.S.S. Liberty Memorial Public Library, inside the library.  (Please do not use the overnight book return.)
  • Packs are stored behind the checkout desk to ensure that all items are accounted for. 
  • When returned, each pack is counted.  Patrons will be called regarding missing items.  All items must be returned before the Discovery Pack/Learning Pack can be properly checked in.  Fines will accrue until the missing/damaged items are returned or paid for. 
  • If any pieces of a game are missing, the entire game must be reordered.  Individual game pieces cannot be replaced.